What is Up-Front Pricing?

Lightspeed Electrical Services Uses Up-Front PricingLike many other industries, we utilize a standardized pricing system to ensure that we provide you with a reliable and guaranteed price before we begin any work.

Think of it … like a menu. You will be able to see the itemized costs of your needed repairs and upgrades before we start (just like dining at a restaurant). Our technicians always provide a thorough diagnosis of your electrical situation so you will know exactly what work is required to meet your needs.

Basically, Up-Front Pricing means we price by the job, not by the hour, allowing us to give you the exact amount for your approval. Up-Front Pricing eliminates the disappointment that so often results when "guesstimates" are made incorrectly.

You'll be able to relax knowing that your technician will be providing quality workmanship at an honest price.